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UV Accelerated weathering tester

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product name: UV Accelerated weathering tester
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UV Accelerated weathering tester

UV Accelerated weathering tester  Detailed description

Accelerated weathering tester, Q8 , is designed to simulate the weather mix with UV light, temperature and moisture conditions. The tests are intended to reproduce the damage caused by sunlight, rain and condensed surface moisture or dew.   Types of damage include color change, gloss loss, chalking, cracking, hazing, embrittlement, and strength loss.

With programmable controller that can program the rain, UV light and temperature. With cycling control of light and moisture at controlled  temperatures.

The moisture includes both condensing humidity, to simulate dew, and water sprays. The light in the chamber is created by specially-designed fluorescent UV bulbs to simulate the effects of sunlight.


  • LCD Touch Screen Controller,  programmable of UV time, condensing moisture, temperature, rain (spray)
  • 40W fluorescent UV lamps
  • With condensation system
  • With heater
  • With sprayer
  • Test specimens are mounted in convenient snap-right holders
Technical Specification
  • Temperature: RT to 70
  • Humidity: 50-98%RH
  • UV Lamp: UVA-340 and UVB-313
  • Spray Nozzle: 0.4mm

Sunlight Simulation
  • UVA-340 Lamps simulate sunlight in short wavelength from 295 to 365nm
  • UVB-313 Lamps for quick acceleration
  • Light Intensity is controllable
Moisture Simulation
  • hot condensation system
Rain Simulation
  • Water spray system with nozzle simulate the damage causes by rain
Temperature Control
  • With heater to increase the temperature to accelerate the destruction effect caused by light and moisture
  • Meet ISO-4892, ASTM-G53, D4587, 4779, BS-27282, SAE-J2020
Optional Features
  • Solar Intensity Control




LCD touch screen control, programmable of temperature, humidity, UV (sun), spray (rain) and time.  Maximum 999 cycle

 Temperature Range RT to 70C
 Humidity Range 50-95%RH
 UVA-340 Lamp 295-365nm
 UVB-313 Lamp 313nm
 Standard Sample Holder 75x150x1.5mm
 Distance from sample to lamp 50mm
 Center distance between the lamp 35 or 70mm

 Chamber External Size

 Power Supply 220Vac 50/60Hz
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